About Ferries Family Groups

Ferries Family Groups have been supporting families across Wirral since 1988. For 30 years we have been a valued service in the community working with the families to create positive change.

We believe that:

  • Everyone is valuable and we celebrate equality and diversity
  • Everyone deserves to feel loved, accepted, safe and that they belong
  • All children deserve to be part of a positive supportive family.
  • All of us can sometimes feel overwhelmed and challenged
  • We all have something to offer as well as our own needs
  • Everyone deserves a time to discover their gifts
  • Wellbeing is improved by spending quality time with supportive friends
  • All families deserve to have a voice

Everyone has the potential to grow, change and move towards success

For parents we work with we

  • Strengthen Families, Developing Self-Confidence & Esteem
  • Provide Time & Space to Make Friends, Having Fun Together
  • Enable Confident, Consistent & Positive Parenting
  • Promote Empathy & Self-Awareness Reducing Conflict
  • Provide a Community Where People Feel They Belong
  • Offer Opportunities to Grow and Learn in a Nuturing Environment

What we do...

We support families across Wirral struggling to cope with the stresses of life to feel supported and empowered. By providing support for parents we improve family life for all and more importantly the outcomes for the children in their care, helping them move towards a more positive future

“Family Groups has been there for me at all different times. To listen, to care, to encourage, to help me see things in different ways. It's broadened my circle of friends and helped me improve my knowledge of local activities.”
Group Member

Support Us

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Text FFGW001 to 70970

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Text FFGW001 to 70191